Monday, October 14, 2013

A Little Change Is In Order.....

After NYCC 2013, I decided to have a little change to happen to my site. After the support of the con-goers (and Greg and Brian giving me a long talk for years lol), I decided to start adding my illustrations to my portfolio online. For years I drew multiple illustrations and done some digital paintings in Photoshop, but never posted them. So in the coming weeks I am doing some remodeling to the site to include my top illustrations.

Also I am accepting commissions from anyone who wants it. Just email me at and we'll discuss prices. Depending on the amount of work, prices will vary.

The journey to becoming an outstanding artist continues....

New York Comic Con 2013 Weekend

Hey everyone,

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to join three amazing artists at the New York Comic Con 2013, Brian Cannady (, Gregory Garay (, and Andrew Umana ( The experience was amazing and the amount of support we received was phenomenal.

Also I like to thank our friends, family, and visitors that visited our booth (Booth #1062 - Virtual Verbosity) and purchased our commissions!

I would also like to give a special thanks to Rare Earth Comics ( for supporting us and giving us advice throughout the con. Also special thanks to Vanquish Interactive (, DestinyBlue (, Vampire Cowboys (, Jerry "The King" Lawler (yes he did stop by and say we had awesome work lol), and Alex Teplish ( for also supporting our table.

Definitely this was an exciting experience and looking forward to our next con.

Here are some of my commisions I was able to draw out at the table....